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In the past, document review was a low-level, tedious job relegated to fresh law grads, paralegals, and contract attorneys. Excellent attention to detail and are persistent and thorough in completing work tasks.

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If you have a story about the underbelly of the legal world known as contract work, email Alex at tips abovethelaw. The skills required may vary, depending on whether it is a first-level review, second-level review or later review. Will ensure attorneys and staff have accurate, ample information.

Remote Review

Allowing people to work remotely takes a certain level of trust on the side of the company or corporation employing that person. This is why Virtual Paralegal services are specifically offered to lawyers and small or medium legal firms where there are attorneys to review the work before it is sent to a client. I do get upset if you ask to meet at 8am on a Tuesday.

Broadcom Corp. Outstanding dependability, cooperation, sense of integrity, and initiative.

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How do I choose Los Angeles attorneys over Seattle attorneys? Generally, document reviewers examine documents for the following four factors: Depending on each project, you may be required to: But she is a very smart and capable attorney. Partial remote work. Mar 05 Senior Focus Review Manager Full-Time, Partial Remote Job Must have 5 years' document review management experience with a review provider or law firm and be an attorney in good standing with any US jurisdiction.

For the remote worker, it is sometimes hard to demonstrate your productivity with anything other than your numbers.

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No brainer. If you need to take a break and visit the local coffee shop, leave the laptop at home. If other family members share the computer, be sure to log off properly and record your breaks accordingly.

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However, technology has changed the substance and status of this career path. Generally, I think I work from 8am to about 9pm. Being able to support, through creation of employment opportunities, the people who support the men and women who have dedicated their careers and lives to defending our country?

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Full-time, mostly remote position with light travel required. Recent case law such as Qualcomm Inc. Medical office jobs from home a privilege log of all documents labeled privileged information which can include trade secrets, information covered by attorney-client privilege, etc.

Must have a JD and WV state license.

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Moreover, document review jobs carry little stress, decent work-life balance and the potential of a six-figure salary. Wages also depend on geographic location ; large cities such as New York, Washington D.

Likewise, if you are having issues with a particular document, be sure to communicate with your supervisor and discuss the situation candidly. Document reviewers are most often attorneysparalegals or litigation support personnel. Conduct a first or second level review of documents using document review software. In this age of e-discovery, document review is usually performed by electronic means.

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Necessary Skills Document review can be tedious and work from home leaflet jobs specialized knowledge including an understanding of the litigation process, a knowledge of the EDRM and proficiency with document review tools. Here is a list of some services a Virtual Paralegal can perform when requested: And some of them speak Icelandic.

Jun 18, at You Are Only as Good as Java developer job work from home Technology In a world where we pay bills and shop for groceries on our phones, home computers are being used hot forex metatrader 4 and less for everyday tasks.

Off vs On Hours

For an in-depth discussion of the skills and traits required for document review workreview these top 10 document review skills. If it looks like your system is not fully compatible, you should consider upgrading your technology or skipping the project altogether.

Remote or work from home positions are available. With the advent of e-discoveryelectronic data is now subject to discoveryexpanding the scope of the document reviewer's role.

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The best way for this to happen is work predictable and consistent hours. This training entails learning the document review software as well as understanding the specifics of the case, claim or investigation so that the reviewer can make intelligent decisions with respect to the document's potential production.

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This means you can expect your supervisor to be continually monitoring your pace. I got annoyed because I consider 7: Job Responsibilities Traditionally, document reviewers performed a page-by-page all stock options ltd and analysis of the client's paper documents to determine if it should be produced to opposing parties.

Can telecommute. My advice, if you are looking for a reliable schedule, is to seek opportunities at a law firm or vendor that are steady not necessarily full-time or even salariedbut places where you can roll from one project to the next.

Since you cannot bill the client for hours spent dealing with such issues if they relate to your personal hardware, it is always wise to ask for the system requirements and capability specs well in advance of the project start date.

Must have familiarity with legal research software, combined with strong reading comprehension and analytic abilities to decipher and code information. Certifications on specific software or document review platforms can enhance a document reviewer's credentials by demonstrating a certain level of competence.

Unfortunately, for the remote worker, there is no ability to leverage face time. What do you think about contract attorney document review work from home for working how to find money from internet attorneys who would like to reduce their schedule to around 30 hours a week and set their own hours, say, during the school day? She has struggled with unemployment because of where her husband was stationed, and the idea that she may only best simple forex trading strategy in that place for 2 years.

Remote Document Review Attorney Jobs

Before signing on for a remote document review, it is important to confirm your home office technology is up to date and functioning properly. Please respond with your preferred hourly rate. And so we are secure in our answer — yes.

Able to work independently but also within a team. Mar 22 Paralegal Temporary Job Kingwood, TX Assist attorney in preparation of an annual update, prepare annual renewal registration documents, prepare annual update to FA for changes.

On a daily basis, a document reviewer examines hundreds of documents such as memos, letters, e-mails, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, and other e-documents, to determine whether the information should be turned over to an opposing party in response to a discovery request such as an interrogatory or Request for Production.

Recently I got data entry jobs from home for free by a co-worker who asked for a meeting at 7: Did we choose the right city? They are moms and dads who enjoy the luxury of waiting with their kids at the bus stop or picking them up from soccer practice; they are people willing to do a late shift when deadlines are tight, because they need only go to their home office and not get dressed and go to the office.

Are document review work from home too many competitors in the market? In short, while document review work from home is certainly possible for contract attorneys to determine their own work days it is far from a guarantee.

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Therefore, the document reviewer's job is critical to the discovery process. I felt justified saying that, because I will often be get paid for forex signals until 10 or 11 at night. Remote Review is the future of our expanding workforce and it is the future for document review. How do I choose?

Well, not completely anyway.

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Feb Exemplary ability in analyzing information and using logic to assess relevancy and risk based on a number of variable factors. Licensed attorneys who are experienced in document review generally earn rates at the higher end of this salary scale while non-degreed, entry-level reviewers earn rates at the lower end.

At least eight years' experience in resourcing required. The use of Virtual Paralegal reduces overhead and streamlines the private document review work from home practice and it increases productivity for small firms who need extra help in more hectic times during the month or year.

A growing number of attorneys are opting for document review jobs as an alternative to the traditional high-stress, long-hour law firm partnership track.

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  2. On a daily basis, a document reviewer examines hundreds of documents such as memos, letters, e-mails, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, and other e-documents, to determine whether the information should be turned over to an opposing party in response to a discovery request such as an interrogatory or Request for Production.
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Law firms that can't afford to employ a full staff of paralegals or a small firm whose work ebbs and flows are using services that offer paralegal work online as it is needed. The Socha-Gelbmann Electronic Discovery Survey reported that the e-discovery marketwhere document reviewers play a major role, is growing and maturing: While benefits such as a 15 second commute or never having to eat another fast food burger for lunch again may seem compelling, the truth is that telecommuting may not be the right fit for everyone.

Document review has been criticized as tedious, mind-numbing, sweatshop work with little chance for advancement, low prestige, a lack of steady work, stigma and a work atmosphere where breaks are limited and speed is monitored.

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This is much better than having blocks of time where the system records you as being idle. Special requirement for a Virtual Paralegal A freelance contract Virtual Paralegal must be supervised by an attorney. Communication When working remotely, consistent and effective communication with your supervisor is very important.

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Remote position with benefits. Mar 22 Paralegal Temporary Job Kingwood, TX Assist attorney in preparation of an annual update, prepare annual renewal registration documents, prepare annual update to FA for changes.

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Some sole owner attorney businesses and small to medium sized law firms are farming out their work to Virtual Paralegals. Must be actively barred in the US.